Will it always be this restrictive? [21 day]

Know this: the #1 principle here at Nutrifit is SUSTAINABILITY.

If you are not enjoying the foods that you eat or the exercise you are doing, you will NOT be able to keep doing it for the rest of your life.

As coaches, we know this. 

So the 21 day food plan is NOT what you will be following for the rest of your life. In fact, you won’t be following that food plan more than 3-4 weeks MAX. 

The 21 day meal plan was designed to put your body into a detox phase, to help you lose weight and also help you get better skin, sleep, digestion and mental clarity. 

However, it is restrictive. 


Because we try to make it simple for our clients in the beginning.

After the 21 days, the goal is to educate you further on the skillsets of tracking and understand macronutrients so you can have dairy products, pizza, cookies, ice cream, or whatever else you want and still lose weight and be healthy. 

Because what’s the point of having a healthy lifestyle if you can’t have fun with family/friends and enjoy yourself right?? 🥳

So do not worry, we as coaches here at Nutrifit are aware of this, and we will absolutely help you create a more sustainable plan long term after the 21 days as we educate you throughout your program and help you develop the skills you need to live this new healthy lifestyle for LIFE. 

Want to know more about how we will make your plan more flexible after the first 21 days? Check out this article: What happens after the 21 days? 

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