Which protein powders are NFW Approved? [21 day]

Protein shakes and protein sources are highly encouraged to have in stock at all times.


Because protein is one of the #1 macronutrients that will help with weight loss. If you are not getting enough protein in your diet, you WILL have difficulty losing weight and putting on muscle. 

The cool thing about protein shakes and powders is that they are not supplements, they are food. That is why on the back of those products it says “nutrition facts” instead of “supplement facts”. 

Protein shakes we highly recommend: 

  1. Prestige Labs Protein (here) 
  2. Premier Protein (from Costco or Walmart) 
  3. Muscle Milk 

Protein bars are typically best to stay away from as they have too many other sugars and carbs and other ingredients in them but if you have a few at home just IN CASE of emergency – it is not a bad idea.

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