Supplements Guide

 Burn AM: Take burn AM in the morning WITH food after breakfast (start with 3 capsules and decrease if you feel its too much)

 Burn PM: take in the evening before or after dinner (around the time that you get cravings) so instead of snacking, take burn PM and it will help you feel full and not have cravings. It does NOT have any stimulants in it. (start with 3 capsules and decrease if you feel its too much) 

✅ Pre-work: Take the pre workout about an hour BEFORE working out (or when you feel you are not motivated – it will give you a kick of energy) – if it’s late at night, you can choose not to take the caffeine capsules (pre-step 2), the powder (pre-step 1) doesn’t have caffeine so you can take that even at night if you are about to work out. 

✅ Intra: take about 30min before working out and sip it throughout your workout and even after, it will help you recover and feel less sore, sip slowly and throughout the workout. 

 EFA: Fish oil supplement. Start with 2 in the morning and 2 at night and see how you feel. 

Note: all of the above can also be taken without working out, they help with recovery, motivation and energy for other things also – like doing taxes or errands in the house. For the amounts: we recommend starting with the directions on the bottle (always taking it with food is best) and then see how you feel and scale back accordingly, keep us posted and we can make changes as you go along 😇👍

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