MyFitnessPal Syncing Issues

There are 3 parts to syncing MyFitnessPal with the Trainerize Coaching platform. Please triple check all 3 parts to make sure you have done it properly. 

Step #1) Go to the MyFitnessPal connection section of the Trainerize app
a. Click on “more” at the bottom right of your coaching platform
b. Click “Connect Apps and Devices” OR MyFitnessPal (for newer phones)

Step #2) Make sure your MyFitnessPal is Connected by click not he “connect” button

Step #3) Make sure that your MyFitnessPal Diary is set to Public
How to do that: go to MyFitnessPal>Settings>Diary Settings>Public

Step #4) Turn on Diary SyncingThere is a switch at the bottom that needs to be turned ON so that diary syncing can become active. You can also see further instructions on the Trainerize website by click ( here) (see screenshots below for how to do this) 

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