I have made HUGE changes but still not seeing results!

This is one of the most common questions that we get as Nutrifit Coaches and can be one of the most frustrating.

If you are doing everything 1000% correct to the T exactly every day without missing anything exactly as your coach has instructed and you are still not seeing results and are frustrated, that is a different concern that is addressed in another support article: I’m not losing weight! What’s wrong?! (here) – it will go further into the different factors of not losing weight IF you are following the program. 

This article will instead touch on: 

  • I have made big changes in diet and exercise and even taken supplements but the scale is not moving! What’s wrong!?
  • I followed the program to a T for 6/7 days, why isn’t my weight moving! 
  • I have done 90% of the work, why isn’t the scale moving? 
  • I’ve been 95% of what I was supposed to, why isn’t the scale moving? 

The answer to this question is: 

1 pound of human fat is 3,500 calories. 

That means that you need to eat 3,500 less calories than your body needs to maintain in order to burn 1 pound of fat. 

When we as coaches create your nutrition plan, we split that calorie deficit over the entire week. So you could be doing amazing for 6 out of 7 days and then decide to have burgers and milk shake and over eat on calories and end up in a caloric SURPLUS.

Yes that means you could be following the program for 6 out of 7 days and GAIN weight 😳

Even though psychologically it might feel like you did everything perfectly pretty much… physiologically the same is not the case. Your body just knows that it was fed more food than it burned and therefore it did not burn the fat. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your 1on1 coach for further clarification and help with this, that is what they are there for, to help you find solutions and be less stressed during this entire journey! 

👇the below image does not ONLY apply to weekends – the image applies also to: large dinners, snacking, or even just 1 day in the entire week. 

Also here is another short video from a Nutrifit Advisor – Dr. Trevor Kashey (he advises olympians and pro athletes) also answering the same question in further detail: 

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