How to Track entries in MFP at a restaurant?

Part of the skill of being great at tracking is being able to track at a restaurant and when going out to eat. 

Step #1) Preparation!  
– There is no reason to be going out to eat without first knowing what you are going to get. Yes it is different than how most of society does things, however most of society is overweight and unhealthy. Those who do things different get different results. By preparing, you are preparing to succeed and prioritize your weight loss and health results. 

Step #2) Most Restaurants have Entries in MFP
Most restaurants already have entries in MyFitnessPal that you can piggy back off of to properly and accurately track

Step #3) If you are eating at a restaurant that does not have an MFP entry – overestimate
By typing in the type of food that you ate into the MFP search, you can find a close approximation to the type of food. Which entry to pick? Pick the one that has the MOST calories – you absolutely always want to overestimate in these cases because more than likely there was more calories than you think in the meal you had when you ate out. 

Note: you should NOT be having to use these strategies regularly. If you are properly meal/food prepping and planning your meals and weeks ahead, this should only be something that you would need to do every once in a while. 

If you have a meal that you eat at a restaurant regularly, contact your 1on1 coach to talk about how you can be more accurate with your tracking when eating out regularly. 

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