How to order Supplements?

So you’re getting close to finishing the supplements you’ve ordered and are ready to get more! Here’s how…

In order to get the 60% distributor discount that Nutrifit offers only to our members, you will want to use this link here:


Step #1) Open the Distributor discount code link

Step #2) Login using your email address and password you have created 
(for most users the password will be nutrifit2020 or the password you usually use for most things – if you don’t remember that then you can do the “forgot password” to reset your password)

Step #3) Wala! All of the prices on the site now will change from the retail prices to the distributor discount code prices for you to get the 60% 

Step #4) Add to your cart the supplements you would like to take and checkout 

Want to save more money?
Most clients will need to continue taking supplements to help them get the best results from the program, Prestige offers an 11% additional discount for Subscribe & Save orders, so you can just put your supplements on monthly order and get additional discounts! 

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