How do I update my weight daily?

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Taking your weight on the scale every single day is going to be critical to your success on this journey. 


Because body weight fluctuates as much as 5-10% of total weight everyday based on a lot of different factors (for someone who is 200lbs, that’s 10-20lbs fluctations everyday!!). 

As we as coaches design your program, we make educated decisions based on data. In order to make those educated decisions, we need the average data over the course of an entire week to see what the “real” weight is looking like over a period of time (so that the fluctuations do not mess with the data). 

For more information about why it is important to weigh in daily, see the support article here: Why do I need to weigh in daily?

How do I weigh in daily? #

It is very easy to do in the Coaching Platform (see images and instructions below): 

Step #1): Open the “Dash” in your Coaching Platform

Step #2): Click on “Track body stats” on your “Things to do Today” 

Step #3): Click on “Track” on the next screen

Step #4): Enter in your exact body weight (with the decimal) in the first line that says “body weight” 
(Don’t worry about any of the other measurements) 

Step #5) Click Save

Step #6) Click on the “X” in the top left to return to your “Dash” 

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