How can I refer someone to Nutrifit?

First off, we would like to thank you for supporting us in our mission to help change the lives of as many people as possible through health and nutrition. 

We love helping as many people as we can get healthier and better lives and would love to help anyone you know go through this process also, 

Nutrifit Wellness has a 100% success rate of helping every day men and women change their health and lives. 

Referring someone to the program is the best way to not only save and change the life of a loved one but to also receive amazing incentives and discounts as well, win-win

If the person you refer becomes a member, you will get discounts and special offers as a part of your program in addition to helping change the life of a loved one. 

To refer someone to Nutrifit, follow these steps: 

Step #1) Enter in your name and phone here:

Step #2) Create a 3 way text with Coach Malik and the person you’d like to refer. Coach Malik’s phone # is: 805-587-6595

Step #3) Introduce Coach Malik to the person via text so that Coach Malik can speak to them about their goals and we can decide a program for them.

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