Can I have ____ during the 21 days? [21 day]

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During the first 21 days of the program, your body is going through a detox. 

We have designed your nutrition plan to not only help you lose weight, but for your body to also heal and recover. During these 21 days, the closer you stick to your food plan and the specific foods on the list, the better your results, skin, digestion, sleep and mental clarity will be. 

Unfortunately that also means making sacrifices for only the first 21 days and removing any foods that would not be on the list. 

Common foods that are NOT allowed during the first 3 weeks:

  • Honey
  • Non-zero calorie beverages (juices, sodas etc) 
  • Alchohol

All of the above are not low-fodmap, meaning we will NOT be having it in the detox phase (21 days) of your program.

In the detox phase of your program (first 21 days), we will be avoiding these.


Because after testing this food list with thousands of clients, we have seen that foods that are not on the list

So what can you have?

Anything that is zero calories!

But don’t worry!  #

After the detox phase is over, we will get to add all of the amazing things you love back into your diet so we can monitor how your body reacts. 

The goal of all of this is to crack the code on your body so you have a blueprint for the rest of your life with how your exact body works.

So that way, you are never having to follow the keto or burrito or Michelle or Jennifer diet, you are following YOUR diet that is specific to your own body. 

Want to know more about what will happen after the 21 days? Check out: What happens after the first 21 days (here) 

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